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March 2014 - Climax Blues Band – The Official Bootleg CD Review

Climax Blues Band more than uphold the high standards of the past on this most enjoyable release from a group of seasoned professionals who obviously love what they do. As well as polished covers such as “So Many Roads”, “Spoonful”, “I’m Ready” and more, highlights are probably the very funky “Chasing Change” from the big “Gold Plated” album of 1976; and the timeless hit “Couldn’t Get It Right”…

Review by Grahame Rhodes
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March 8, 2014, 17:00 - 18:00 GMT - The Wall Rock Radio First Public Broadcast of the Climax Blues Band The Official Live Bootleg

CLIMAX BLUES BAND The Official Live Bootleg, mixed by Roy Wood (The Move, ELO, Solo etc) released as a promotional CD February 2014, recorded live at Leek Blues Festival.

An hour of the concert is to be broadcast on The Wall Rock Radio on March 8th 2014 from 1700 to 1800 GMT. This will be the first public broadcast of the concert, only to be heard at The Wall, we thank John Haynes, Station Manager, for his fine judgment in choosing this Climax Blues Band concert for this event!

The line up of Climax Blues Band now features two new exciting additions in the outrageous Mr. Graham Dee on vocals and the mighty Chris ‘Bebe’ Aldridge on sax who both add incredible new dynamics to the Climax sound, and we are sure you will be as excited about the band as we are, we have had so much good feedback which in turn is generating more enthusiasm within the band. In short, this line up is the one that spent many years with Colin Cooper at the helm before his sad death in 2009, and recorded the albums Drastic Steps, Blues From The Attic and Big Blues, that is - George Glover on the keys as he has been since 1982, Les Hunt on guitar and vocals (since 1987) and Roy Adams - drums and Neil Simpson - bass where they have been since 1989.

Ladies and Gentlepersons, we present the Climax Blues Band - Live in Concert at The Wall Rock Radio - a unique event showcasing the band in 2014 - the Climax sound never went away, and is only getting better. (Download PDF)

December 2013 - Climax Blues Band bring a show-stopping finale to the Litchfield Arts 2013 season

With little more than a year between this gig and their previous appearance at the Guildhall, it was no surprise that The Climax Blues Band was able to bring a show-stopping finale to a packed Guildhall to round off the Lichfield Arts 2013 season. (Click here to download a PDF)

October 2013 - Pete Haycock, founder member of Climax Blues Band dies

Climax Blues Band are saddened by the news of the death of Peter Haycock on October 30th 2013 in Germany. Peter was a founder member of the band in 1967 and performed with the band through to 1985 and was one of the finest exponents of slide guitar of his time, and a great singer. With Colin Cooper he supplied the integral and fundamental guitar and sax sound that contributed to making the band so popular and remains their keynote sound to this date. We are all shocked and sad and would like to pass on our best wishes and condolences to Peter's family and friends.

August 2013 - Fan review of Climax Blues Band at The Great British R&B Festival in Colne

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your set at Colne. I first saw Climax at the George Hotel in Burslem in 1969 when I was 16 and I guess I came to Colne on a nostalgia trip. But, I'm glad to say that, although I DID enjoy hearing Seventh Son and Towards the Sun again, what I heard was a great, current blues band- so thanks for that.

I took lots of photos, which you will find in this Flickr collection

February 2013 - Climax Blues Band reissue digitally remastered versions of Drastic Steps and Blues from the Attic.

Arguably one of the best albums of Climax Blues Band's later FM rock career, 'Drastic Steps' is an overlooked gem and a prime example of being in the right place at the wrong time. 'Drastic Steps' is well worth investigating particularly as it was overlooked at the time of its release...

***** (5/5)
Review by Pete Feenstra

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December 2012 - Review of the Climax Blues Band gig at Litchfield Guildhall

One of the country's longest serving blues bands, returned to raise the rafters of the Lichfield Guildhall when The Climax Blues Band appeared. (Click here to download a PDF)

Climax Blues Band Story - The View From a Fan

In the three decades I have followed Climax Blues Band the one word that I would say has been most used when I have spoken to fans of blues music is 'quality'. The name has been associated with producing high quality music over the years, through changes of style and changes of line-up, the thread has carried through four decades. (Click here to read the full story)